Mobile phone detection camera hot spots revealed

Phone in car

In their first week, the phone detection cameras have caught more than 3,000 offending drivers in New South Wales. One of the offered explanations as to why so many drivers are being caught red-handed is that there aren’t any warning signs being used to warn motorists that there are phone detection cameras ahead, unlike speed … Read more

Drivers busted committing common traffic offence by new AI technology

Cars on motorway

How many motorists have been caught so far committing this offence? With the approval and implementation of approximately 45 fixed and mobile cameras across New South Wales on December 1, thousands of drivers have been caught using their phone behind the wheel. Over 3,300 offending motorists have been caught illegally using their mobile phone across … Read more

Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program QLD

What is the Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program? Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program is a technology employed to deter drivers with a record of drink driving from starting or driving their vehicles without a mandatory breath check. A device called ‘Alcohol Ignition Interlock’ is installed to the ignition system of the vehicle, which requires the driver to … Read more

Driver licence suspensions and disqualifications

Blurred red car in motion on the road in autumn forest

If you have allegedly committed a traffic offence, you may have your driver licence suspended. There are different types of suspensions, all with different reasons for the suspension occurring. Regardless of the type of suspension or why you have received it, it is illegal to drive on Queensland roads if driver licence is disqualified or suspended. … Read more

Caught drink driving and worried about loosing your job?

Is drink driving a sackable offence? A driver’s licence is a privilege that is often taken for granted by families and individuals, and loosing it can result in many repercussions. For many, it enables them to get to and from work, university and school, and for others, it is a critical critical aspect in their … Read more

The QLD DUI laws have been revised

In Queensland, the State Government amended its legislation for drink driving in 2011. This drink driving legislation introduced a mid-range drink driving offence, catching people with blood alcohol content (BAC) of between 0.1 and below 0.15. What are the laws and penalties for drink driving? What are the blood alcohol limits? When driving in Queensland, … Read more

NSW motorists being caught and fined by covert cameras

What are the new laws and technology that are being used to catch drivers using their phone? Motorists across New South Wales are being targeted with new high-tech cameras that are being used state-wide to catch people using their phone behind the wheel. Whether you are texting, making phone calls or using social media, you … Read more

Special Hardship Order

What is a Special Hardship Order? A ‘Special Hardship Order’ (SHO) is a court order which allows a person to drive for specified purposes only, and subject to strict conditions, during the period of a licence suspension. For many people, this license is the difference between keeping and losing their jobs.  A special hardship order … Read more