Drink Driving Paramedic QLD

A QLD paramedic, based in Mackay, that was busted drink driving claimed in court that the Queensland Ambulance Service refused to support her application for a restricted work licence by issuing an affidavit “because it doesn’t look good for the service”.

It was heard in court that Zara Renee Tuffin was almost twice the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) while behind the wheel. Her boyfriend was in the the passenger seat and a heated argument led him to pulling on the handbrake, resulting in the car crashing through a road sign and down a gully.

Despite Tuffin being disqualified from driving for four months, she was eligible to apply for a work licence.

Mackay Magistrates Court heard Queensland Ambulance service, her employer, would not provide an affidavit for the work licence application. Tuffin explained to the court it was “because it doesn’t look good for the service”. The Daily Mercury contacted QAS to hear their comment in relation to the matter but they didn’t wish to make further comment.

On top of the four month driving disqualification, Tuffin was fined $700. A conviction was not recorded.

Meanwhile, Tuffin’s partner pleaded guilty to ‘interfering with the driver’s control of the vehicle’. Matters against him were adjourned to early February to allow him the opportunity to complete a defensive driving course.

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