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Who are the MWL lawyers?

The MyWorkLicence legal team are experience and have a proven track-record dealing with cases exactly like yours. If you’ve lost your driver licence, there are still options. Don’t start worrying just yet. You may not have to catch the bus or an Uber to work everyday.

We offer two fixed-fee options with no hidden fees, unlike other law firms. Our price is our price and that differentiates us from other lawyers. Visit our pricing page for more information on our affordable pricing structures on offer.

So, now you are probably wondering what your options are. Let us explain..

Restricted ‘Work’ Licence

If you are based in Queensland and have lost your licence because you were caught drink driving or drug driving (DUI), you may be eligible to apply for a restricted work licence. A QLD work licence will allow a suspended driver, or those who have committed a certain traffic offence, to drive for work purposes.

Special Hardship Order

A Special Hardship Order is a court order which allowing an individual to drive for specific purposes only. They are subject to conditions that may be seen as strict, but are applicable throughout the period of the licence suspension. As the name suggests, the person must prove to the Magistrate that they will suffer extreme hardship should they loose their ability to drive. Once again, there is a strict criteria that must be met.

To find out more about the criteria for a Special Hardship Order and a restricted work licence, visit our eligibility page. 

What’s next?

There are a number of factor to consider before running off to a DUI lawyer to get a restricted work licence or Special Hardship Order for your drink driving, drug driving or speeding offence, however.

Please see our online FAQ for a more comprehensive outline. 

Now, if this sounds like the position you’re in, then you’re in luck!

Not only are the best DUI lawyers in Brisbane available for a free, confidential call, but they have created an easy-to-use online service, for people in your situation.

Visit our homepage to contact us and book in your free, obligation-free 15 minute telephone conversation. We will assess your eligibility, answer any questions and then explain the next step.

Get DUI assistance from some of the best traffic lawyers in the QLD. There’s no reason to get caught up with hidden legal fees or pay a small fortune for an overpriced solicitor when you have a free consultation lawyer offering free expert legal advice and a fixed-fee pricing structure, right at your fingertips.

In the event you wish to apply for a QLD work licence or Special Hardship Order, MyWorkLicence offers the most competitive pricing options you can find, guaranteed to give you the most bang for your buck!

Book your free consultation now using the contact form on our homepage to contact our experienced DUI lawyers.

Where can I get legal help for other issues?

At MyWorkLicence, we are more than happy to refer you to the right law firm, depending on the issue. For experienced commercial litigation lawyers, we suggest contacting JML ROSE.

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