Mobile phone detection camera hot spots revealed

In their first week, the phone detection cameras have caught more than 3,000 offending drivers in New South Wales. One of the offered explanations as to why so many drivers are being caught red-handed is that there aren’t any warning signs being used to warn motorists that there are phone detection cameras ahead, unlike speed cameras.

The NSW Roads Minister, Andrew Constance, has now revealed some of the mobile phone detection camera hot spots.

He stated that approximately eight of the phone detection cameras have been turned on so far. In addition to this, he has revealed the three top hot spot locations where people are getting caught.

Over the last four days, 210 drivers have been caught illegally using their phones while driving in Lucas Heights, to the south of Sydney. 179 drivers have been caught on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and another 126 drivers have been detected by the cameras in Nowra.

In addition to this, he claimed that using a mobile phone behind the wheel is equivalent to drink driving with a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of 0.08.

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