Dangerous Driving in Queensland

Careless Driving

Dangerous driving of a motor vehicle is an offence that captures those hooning, to those displaying reckless and deliberately careless behaviour. In some cases, these actions can even result in death or grievous bodily harm. In Queensland, the offence is serious, and depending on the type of conviction, the penalties can range from fines to … Read more

Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program QLD

What is the Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program? Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program is a technology employed to deter drivers with a record of drink driving from starting or driving their vehicles without a mandatory breath check. A device called ‘Alcohol Ignition Interlock’ is installed to the ignition system of the vehicle, which requires the driver to … Read more

NSW motorists being caught and fined by covert cameras

What are the new laws and technology that are being used to catch drivers using their phone? Motorists across New South Wales are being targeted with new high-tech cameras that are being used state-wide to catch people using their phone behind the wheel. Whether you are texting, making phone calls or using social media, you … Read more